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Think advertising people fathimath lubaina

Fathimath Lubaina

Luba is currently our Marketing and Communications Executive at Think. With a developed interest in managing and organizing events during her student life, she is often found providing support for…
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Think advertising people roshith john

Roshith John

John is one of our fastest Designers Think. This ability has made him highly reliable when it comes to delivering good concepts in tight deadlines. John is a multi skilled…
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Think advertising people ali shagaf

Ali Shagaf

Shagaf works as a Graphic Designer for Think. A self-taught designer, he has the skills for photography and videography along with illustrations and motion designs, making him a multi-skilled asset.…
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Think advertising people ahmed nasheeth

Ahmed Nasheeth

Nasheeth works as both a Graphic Designer and/Animator for Think. He is multi-skilled at design works ranging from motion to layout design and often provides us with gif versions of…
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Think advertising people thuhfa athif

Thuhfa Athif

Working at Think since 2015 as one of our Graphic Designers, Thuppi has knack for developing fast layout, branding, icon designing and digital illustrations. She was responsible for the overall…
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Think advertising people Maasha nazeem

Maasha Nazeem

Marsha is the focal point in charge of handling our Dhiraagu account. As the Assistant Client Servicing manager, she communicates with the client and acts as the day to day…
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Think advertising people Haisham shareef

Haisham Shareef

As Planning Manager, Haisham handles Advertising, Marketing and Project management of the agency. From concept developing to copywriting, he is responsible for leading the team on coming up with campaign…
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Think advertising people Aminath Liusha

Aminath Liusha

As the Operations Manager, Liu handles overall coordination of projects from the client servicing team and, follows ups on jobs from different departments. With her knowledge administrative operations, Liu is…
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Think advertising people Mohamed Affan

Mohamed Affan

Affan, mostly known as Afu, is popular among clients for his skill at coordinating and managing events. As Events Manager, he has successfully handled myriad of events for the agency.…
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Think advertising people Ibrahim Sinan

Ibrahim Sinan

At Think since 2010, Sinan has a well-established network of contacts in the industry and the business sector. He is currently the Senior Productions Manager. With his extensive knowledge of…
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